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The University of Pernambuco (UPE) had its origins in the Pernambuco Higher Education Foundation – FESP, which has maintained, since 1965, a group of pre-existing Higher Education Units in the State. When FESP was extinguished in 1990, the Fundação Universidade de Pernambuco was created in its place, by State Law No. 10,518, of November 29, 1990, a public law institution that would become the sponsor of the new University of Pernambuco, recognized by the Ordinance Ministerial nº 964, of June 12, 1991.

Linked to the Secretariat of Science and Technology of the State of Pernambuco (SECTEC), UPE constitutes a heritage of society in this State. Its mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of Pernambuco through teaching, research and university extension.

UPE is a public higher education institution present in all regions of the State. In its multicampi complex, formed by 15 teaching units and three large hospitals, distributed in Recife and the Metropolitan Region, in Nazaré da Mata, Caruaru, Garanhuns, Arcoverde, Salgueiro, Petrolina, Serra Talhada and Palmares. In addition to the teaching and health units, the UPE university complex also includes the Rectory and four primary and secondary schools (Escola do Recife and Escolas de Aplicação).

The University's vision is to be recognized by society and various government bodies, for its contribution to sustainable development in all regions of the State, due to its excellence in teaching, research and university extension, assuming, definitely as a state, public and free university. The presence of the University institution in different regions and cities plays a crucial role in the social and economic development in which it operates, generating not only the training of professionals, but also the construction of knowledge and articulated dissemination in communities through the articulation of teaching, research and extension.

UNINOVO was born from the Faculty of Communication and Tourism of Olinda (FACOTTUR), which is a non-profit institution, established in the city of Olinda, Pernambuco. Maintained by the Olindense Society of Education and Culture – SOEC and has its headquarters and venue in the city of Olinda. The history of FACOTTUR dates back to 1999, the year of its accreditation, when it was founded by the idealist and educator Professor Caio Gomes, evolving towards its accreditation in 2022, as a University Center. Despite being a young institution, over these twenty-four years, it has built stability and solidity resulting from the experiences accumulated in a journey with seriousness and determination. Uninovo has been following developments in the education scenario, with the advancement of new technologies, changes in the job market and the emergence of new professions, with innovative pedagogical approaches that include the use of educational technology and an emphasis on the development of socio-emotional skills. These practices are intended to make education more accessible, interactive, and effective.

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