Digital Literacy x Media Literacy - New Literacies and Education in Brazil (Chair: Cristina Helena Pinto de Mello, Brazil)

Discuss the impacts of technology on education and point out ways and actions for the training of Brazilian students for the job market and for responsible and ethical citizenship.

Special participation: Canal Futura, Educamídia

Cultural Tourism, Education and Marketing – CulTurEM’23 (Chair: Bruno Barbosa Sousa, Portugal)


Cultural marketing and tourism segmentation are of notorious interest among academics, professionals and scholars. The pandemic context allowed to leverage some cultural events in a digital context (e.g. virtual scientific conferences, online classes, virtual tourism). Thus, it is increasingly the market segments and tourism niches that capture the attention of consumers. The types of tourism are related to the motivations of visitors, but also with digital trends, technology and educational concerns (e.g. academic tourism). There are numerous motivations (specific and with different individual interests).


Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:​


- marketing and culture (e.g. theater, cinema, festivals, literature)

- tourism, education and culture (e.g. literary tourism, scientific tourism, language tourism, black tourism, academic tourism)

- marketing and education (e.g. digitization of education, learning in an online context)

- relational and digital marketing in culture, tourism and education in the (post) pandemic context

Higher Education Advanced Analytics / Artificial Intelligence in Education (Chair Célia Talma Gonçalves and Elsa Cardoso, Portugal)

The special session in Higher Education (HIE) Advanced Analytics will explore insights on how education providers can transform data to enhance decision making and planning, to improve higher education curriculums and learning outcomes, management and specially to better understand students’ performance and learning experience.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

·        Data warehouse and Business Intelligence in HIE

·        HIE Recommender systems

·        HIE Prediction systems

·        Big Data applications in HIE

·        Learning Analytics in HIE

·        Improving teacher support in HIE

·        Learning with Artificial Intelligence in HIE

·        Student and faculty Dashboards in HIE

·        Assessing student performance with AI in HIE

·        AI in HIE student evaluation


Internationalisation in Higher Education as a challenge (Chair: Paula Odete Fernandes and Isabel Lopes)


Description: Higher Education Institutions (HEI) increasingly operate in a competitive, dynamic and differentiated environment that forces them to adopt a new strategic position in the market. The phenomenon of internationalisation has become one of the main key factors for HEI and strategic priorities for them worldwide. Most HEI include internationalisation as a pillar of their competitive strategy, since it is a way to promote: network cooperation and knowledge transfer at different levels; new emerging standards and benchmarks for higher education; education, research, exchange and capacity building; solutions in joint and double degree programmes; challenges for understanding the cultural diversity, tolerance and political conflict; among other situations that allow greater sustainable growth of HEI.


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