Alexandre Gracioso, Bachelor in Business Administration, with a Doctorate in Business Administration from EAESP/FGV. He joined ESPM in 1999 as a professor and, after having held several leadership positions, assumed, in 2011, the position of Academic Vice-President, being responsible for the development of new programs, monitoring the quality of courses and the development of professors. He develops research in the areas of neuroscience applied to learning and meditation as a management tool. Introduced the Mindful Leadership discipline in ESPM's graduate program.

Ana García-Valcárcel Muñoz-Repiso, Director of the Educational Research and Innovation Group (GITE-USAL) from 2011 to 2021. Currently member of the Innovation and Digital Education Group of the University of Salamanca (, coordinator of the Educational Innovation Network (REUNI+D) (  and director of the master’s degree in ICT in Education ( The research carried out has focused on the incidence of information and communication technologies in the teaching-learning processes, the didactic innovation processes mediated by ICT that have arisen at different educational levels, as well as evaluating the digital competences of teachers and students for the design of programmes aimed at developing these competences. Among the most outstanding transfer activities are the development of the DigiCraft programme ( and the design of the Ecodies student digital competences assessment test ( Personal website:

Dr Patrick Yun is a Senior Lecturer, Programme Leader, Field Experience Coordinator and Supervisor of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the Education University of Hong Kong. He obtained his MBA at the University of Dundee in the United Kingdom, his MA in Information Systems at the City University of Hong Kong, and the MSc in Information Technology in Education at the University of Hong Kong. Patrick received the Outstanding Academic Performance Award for his Postgraduate Diploma of Education (Professional and Vocational Education) studies at the Education University of Hong Kong. Later, he received a scholarship and obtained his PhD in Social Sciences (Education) at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.

Patrick has been teaching in different higher education institutions in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom for various education programmes. He has been awarded several teaching prizes (Certificate of Merit of the Leaders of Learning Award 2019/20, Top 10% Teaching Award 2019/20, and Outstanding Teaching Performance 2019 etc.) to acknowledge his continuous efforts in pursuing teaching excellence and educational leadership. 

Besides, Patrick has also actively contributed to different scholarly research projects and led his doctorate students to investigate including, e-Pedagogy, Blended Learning and Teaching, Smart Classroom, AI-Driven Learning Management Systems, Adaptive Learning, Mobile Learning, Curriculum Planning and Development in E-Learning, and STEM Education and Self-directed Learning. He has also served as the peer reviewer for Pedagogies: An International Journal, Education Sciences, International Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies etc. 

In addition, Patrick has now worked in a World Bank Project to improve higher education in Cambodia and provide professional development training to the local university teachers. In Hong Kong, Patrick offers training programmes and seminars to the Education Bureau, local schools, and public knowledge transfer events. Patrick spent his leisure time instructing and supervising different experiential learning, leadership training, and capacity building programmes in various local voluntary organisations and broadcasted leadership programmes on radio.