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Igniting the Future of Education: Join the ICITED Summit 2024

For the first time ever, the ICITED Summit is proud to present an Accelerator Program for EdTech Startups. This groundbreaking initiative will bring together the brightest minds in academia, business, and government to foster innovation and drive positive change in the education sector.


Join us for a transformative journey that will:

  • Empower EdTech startups to showcase their groundbreaking solutions and connect with key stakeholders.

  • Provide a platform for thought leaders to share insights and shape the future of education.

  • Accelerate the development and adoption of innovative EdTech solutions through a collaborative and supportive environment.

  • Promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the education sector.


The ICITED Summit 2024 Accelerator Program will culminate in a Demo Day at the Summit, where selected startups will have the opportunity to present their solutions to a panel of investors, educators, and policymakers. This is an unparalleled opportunity to gain visibility, secure funding, and make a real impact on the future of education.


Applications for the ICITED Summit 2024 Accelerator Program are now open. To learn more and apply, visit


Don't miss this chance to be a part of the future of education!


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