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Session Chairs: Paulino Silva; Adriana Oliveira, Polytechnic University of Porto, Portugal;



Digital Freelancing (DiFree) is an European Erasmus Plus KA project lasting three years, which aims to provide undergraduates and recent graduates with tools useful to succeed in the freelance marketplace, which is increasingly reliant on digital skills and online working environments.

This project brought together 5 European institutions, including 4 universities and 1 university spin-off working as Technology Transfer Center 4.0 from Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain.


You can submit your proposal, either in project format or in article format.

In the project format, the proposal should be submitted through an extended abstract and you can share the details of the project, its results or the best practices resulting from it.

In article format, the proposal must follow the rules available at the following link:


Special conditions are offered for submissions within the scope of the Difree Project, as shown in the table at the following link:

The presentation of the proposals can be done in person or virtual.


Contact for further information:

To submit or upload a proposal, please go to the Conference site for submissions


Difree Project Partners:






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